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Origins Booth number 926-928 for Gorilla Games

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I look forward to seeing some of you at Origins this year at booth numbers 926 and 928. June 15-19 2016

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Playing Hooky

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I’m playing hooky from designing “DraftCraft: SteamPunk” right now.  Instead, I was working on grenades and stun and Coup de Grace for Battlestations.  This is a high compliment to Mario because his character was using all of those rules together in a way that was breaking the system.  I had been dialing up the effectiveness of grenades and the “Grenadier” ability but I reached a tipping point and now I have to back it down. It is funny because “Battlestations” is so much effort usually that it is the “day job” I play hooky from but today, I got a call from Dennis and it fired me up to get under the hood and monkey around with Battlestations rules. “DraftCraft: SteamPunk” will get written. BTW, it is good to be back from Essen.  Whenever I start a blog or a journal or a fitness regimen, a trip like that can disrupt things.  I hope to be back on track and checking in daily here.  Game design is who I am. This is a quiet little space to celebrate and explore that...

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I designed this last year at Essen because I wanted to prove that a card should have as little info on it as possible.  I love drive thru because I was able to print out a few decks cheap and now I’m seriously playtesting. I ditched the luck mechanic and my friend Bryan suggested that you get multiple brushes with death.  So far, I like it. I’m prepping for Essen tomorrow (which is why I dusted off “Daredevil”) so I’m going to leave today’s log as it is. I’ll be back in 2 weeks exhausted and inspired....

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Hull Check Math

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I’ve always been good with math.  This has been a great problem for me because I ended up not learning math.  I can add numbers in my head and do well on multiple choice tests so I didn’t really need to learn how to do higher math.  I could picture it in my head and know that the answer wasn’t A or B and C just didn’t make sense. Anyhow, I ended up not learning calculus and regret it to this day so when I have to do something that requires math for a game, I go through agony. It turns out game design isn’t multiple choice.  I end up hunting and pecking and finding something that works until I can figure out something better. The original Battlestations hull check chart was just such an animal and it has worked unchanged for 15 years.  I liked it.  I realized, however that I wanted it to ramp up to the interesting zone earlier and that the window at the top end was too short.  I just started playing around with some arithmetic progressions and got the chart below. Your damage is on the left (I love summations) with the hull check required on the right.  Add your ship size to your hull checks.  This makes the new size 3 ship (what had been size 5) roughly equivalent but starts the checks earlier and makes it longer on the top end. So now, you just have to roll higher than the summation number of your damage on a ship size check.  I’ll test it. Damage Size Check 1 2 3 3 6 4 10 5 15 6 21 7 28 8 36 9 45 10 55 11 66 12 78 13 91 14 105 15 120 16 136 17 153 18 171 19 190 20 210 21 231...

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3d Three-player Tic Tac Toe with wooden blocks. I figured out pretty early that you have to go to 5 in a row. I came up with the name “YalplaY” because it is a palindrome and my original idea for this game was to have only black and white halved pieces. I’m struggling in the design stage right now. Tic Tac Toe is the classic example of a solvable game.  Adding another player and another dimension to it just makes it more difficult to solve. I’ve only tested a few times by myself and with my kids but I’m finding kingmaking to be a huge problem.  If player A wins unless stopped and Player B wins unless blocked twice, then what does player c do?  If he blocks A, B wins. If he blocks C, A wins. I like the pieces and the play. I’m just not sure if I have a game here yet. It was fun to build the prototype. Now, I must play.  ...

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