3 week Kickstarter for Wordariffic

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I’m launching a 3 week kickstarter for my new game “Wordariffic” because I can’t stand the plateau in the middle. There is excitement in the beginning of a campaign and at the end but the middle is deflating. I hope I’m cutting out the deflating middle rather than the exciting end!   http://www.tinyurl.com/wordariffic    

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Worst Game Ever Review from GeekDad Jonathan Liu

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Check out this review. He does a better job of explaining the game than I do! http://geekdad.com/2015/03/worst-game-ever/

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Worst Game Ever, 99 chances and Wordariffic have arrived by truck

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I’ve been waiting. My customers have been waiting. The world has waited long enough! The Worst Game Ever is a game making fun about the things I hate about games, gamers, and gaming.  It is fun. The Worst Game ever kickstarter was so successful that I was able to print two other games at the same time. 99 chances is a storytelling game where you create characters and try to overcome obstacles and be the hero. It is also fun. Wordariffic is a word game that I haven’t even announced yet but I have it in my back pocket ready to roll.  You take your letter cards and make a word that best applies to the randomly determined word. The last player to make a word becomes the judge. Thebest word scores 3 points and the longest word also gets a point. And, yes, this game, too, is...

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Balancing Chemical Equations

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My daughter is in 8th grade science and learning to balance chemical equations. I never learned this. I sometimes wonder that if I’d been a better student I might have had a career in the real world and done games on the side. I don’t think I’d have been less productive (game wise) I just would have done the math a lot quicker than the hunt and peck stuff I have done.

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Worst Game Ever is on a boat

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The waiting is the hardest part. The fans are restless. I’m restless.  Aargh.  Everybody is asking for an update and my updates are basically, “no update”.

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Emotional Maturity

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I’d like to develop this as soon as I’m finished enjoying my immaturity.

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