Hunting Party


Hunting Party is a character game where you are on safari in Victorian Africa. Each turn, you’ll play an action card, (Shoot, Camp, or Flee) and discard one of the group fate cards. The remaining group fate card affects everybody and each person suffers a personal fate based on their position. If you are camping when a wild animal attacks, you’ll get hurt (lose cards) but if you are shooting, you bag a trophy. If you shoot at the natives, they shoot back (lose cards) but if you are camping with them, they’ll replenish your resources (draw cards). If your action is to flee, you avoid your personal fate.

The expedition will end early if somebody meets an untimely death. The winner is the player with the most trophies and bonus points for completing their secret goal.




You can see from the set of Fate cards that if you are in the first player spot, you might have the opportunity to meet natives or get attacked by cape buffalo or fall into a pit (and lose a card). You’ll get rid of one of the cards and hope your opponent doesn’t hose you.

Game Design: Jeff Siadek

Art Direction: Jim Pinto