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Palaces is a deckbuilding-bidding game where you spend resources to add levels to your towers and cards to your deck. Each time you win a bid, you get to build a level in the material of the card you won. You also trigger the special effect of the card you won and any other cards in your bid. The fun here is building combos so you can build multiple levels in a round.

Each of the two towers that comprise your palace must match at each level so if the ground floor of your west tower is made of marble, so must the ground floor of your east tower be of marble.

This game has bluffing, resource management, and bidding as its key components.

The special powers on the cards that trigger when you win them or play them in a bid will help to build your hand, build your towers or mess with your opponents.

 Here is a how to play video.

Here is a link to the beta version of the rules.