The Worst Game Ever

This game started out as a joke. I happen to hate kingmaking and a dozen other things that spoil a gaming experience. I was wondering what would happen if I made a game about those things and put together a prototype. When I tested it in a restaurant at Origins, my booth mates really liked it but I just thought they were being nice. Random strangers also started to collect around the table and I realized I was on to something.

The point of the game is not to make a lousy game. The point is to make a solid game that uses things I hate about games as a setting.

Worst Game Ever

Card Back

Having said that, I was able to get away with a lot more because of the theme. People are forgiving of it because they expect it to be horrible. So some suggestions I didn’t take are things like leaving out components or rules or editing them poorly.

Here are the cards and rules so you can see for yourself!

Worst Game Ever Beta Cards

Worst Game Ever Rules

DeutscheWorst Game Ever Rules

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