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Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in Game Design Blog | 1 comment

I’m playing hooky from designing “DraftCraft: SteamPunk” right now.  Instead, I was working on grenades and stun and Coup de Grace for Battlestations.  This is a high compliment to Mario because his character was using all of those rules together in a way that was breaking the system.  I had been dialing up the effectiveness of grenades and the “Grenadier” ability but I reached a tipping point and now I have to back it down.

It is funny because “Battlestations” is so much effort usually that it is the “day job” I play hooky from but today, I got a call from Dennis and it fired me up to get under the hood and monkey around with Battlestations rules.

“DraftCraft: SteamPunk” will get written.

BTW, it is good to be back from Essen.  Whenever I start a blog or a journal or a fitness regimen, a trip like that can disrupt things.  I hope to be back on track and checking in daily here.  Game design is who I am. This is a quiet little space to celebrate and explore that thought.

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  1. Welcome back! In the 1.1 rules, I think most of the players in my group underestimate grenades while the ref over estimates them. Hilarity ensues. By hilarity, I mean “random devastation.” On a side note, I apologize for my inability to comment in any meaningful way on some of your other projects.

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