99 Chances


Players use these cards to collectively tell a story.

First you put two cards together to create a genre (Werewolf Romance, Apocalyptic Reality) and each player pitches their story and the group collectively picks one story to go with.

Each player creates a character within the group story and players take turns playing assets and challenges on one another.

Players take turns describing how their character uses their assets within the story to overcome their challenges.

Other players assign a chance for success for the story. The player who assigns the chance in the middle gets a bonus asset.

The turn of a card resolves the chance and it becomes an asset or a new challenge for that character.

All of this happens in the context of the main story so our love-stricken werewolf might have to overcome his fear of silver to find true love. Cupid’s arrow might be silver-tipped and turn it into a tragedy.

In the end, the player who gains the most assets is the “winner” and spins a happy ending for themselves. Other players with lesser degrees of victory will celebrate to a lesser extent.

So, it has rules like a game but feels more like a group telling a story in about 45 minutes. You can do a one act in less time or an epic in longer time.

The numbers are the chances.

The dark sides represent challenges and the light sides represent assets.

The genres on the side are used only in the beginning story creation.

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The storytelling game where you tell your story and take your chances!


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