Battlestations Second Edition Bag of Miniatures


When we printed the Battlestations Second Edition kickstarter, we had an add-on of additional miniatures that is 3 of each species that is only a singleton in the core box so you can have 4 of everything (except powered armor and the ship).  We have a LIMITED SUPPLY left to sell.

This is not a complete game. It includes only miniatures.

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34 miniatures in total in 28mm scale (but the powered armor and elephantoid are a lot bigger than 28mm!)

  • 1 Powered Armor
  • 3 Elephantoid
  • 3 Fungaloid
  • 3 Whistler
  • 3  Trundlian
  • 3 Kerbite
  • 3 Meeks
  • 3 Lupinoid
  • 3 Cheetahoid
  • 3 Crocodilian
  • 3 Diploid
  • 3 Gorilloid


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