Battlestations Second Edition Hardcover Rulebook


This advanced rulebook expands the Battlestations Second Edition Boxed game by adding species, equipment, missions and space tons of cool stuff.

There are missions in here from famous game designers.

If you play Battlestations first edition, this book gives you everything you need to upgrade to Second Edition except the cool stuff that comes in the box.

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The 300 page advanced rulebook ties together 16 years of playtesting. We’ve painstakingly combed all of the Battlestations books to redesign this masterpiece. The basic game is great. This hardcover tome brings it to the next level.

30 Character Species

143 Special Abilities

120+ Personal Items

50 Cargo Bay Items

25 Standard Missions

35 Guest Star Missions contributed or inspired by gaming legends

21 New Planets updating a complete map of the known galaxy

100+ Ship Layouts

200+ Treasure Items

Solitaire play rules

Rules for Fighters, Mine Layers, and Cloaking Device modules

Campaign Rules


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