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At the edge of the galaxy madness awaits.

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The “Deep Ones in Deep Space” supplement for Battlestations originally published along with the first edition is now available in PDF format. Jason Siadek wrote this artful dark gem and Doug Kovacs illustrated it beautifully.

There is a Free PDF here that makes all of the first edition materials Completely Compatible with Battlestations Second Edition.

Deep Ones in Deep Space” is a complete campaign that explores Lovecraftian horror in the darkest corners of space!

A new skill “Sanity” is introduced to help characters deal with the pressures of living at the edge of the abyss and beyond. When you begin the campaign, you must answer a question as to how your character responds to evil. Your answer will mold the way madness molds your character.

This is the last of the original books published during first edition to be converted to PDF format.




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