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Pax Galacticum! Adventures beyond combat.

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Adventure in space can be challenging, exciting and dangerous without sentient beings trying to kill one another.

The Pax Galacticum supplement for Battlestations originally published along with the first edition is now available in PDF format.

There is a Free PDF here that makes all of the first edition materials Completely Compatible with Battlestations Second Edition.

Pax Galacticum is the brainchild of Pacifist/Game Designer/Brother extraordinaire Jason Siadek. Jason believed that there is enough adventure going on that you can have rip roaring missions without direct combat. There is plenty of action. You’ll face navigation hazards, anomalies, puzzles, rescues and much, much more. It is a breath of fresh air in space to find challenges that scare and intrigue without combat.

Of course, space combat is great. Pax Galacticum can be used to supplement your adventures rather than pacifying them. You can add combat if you want or alternate with a Galactic Civil War campaign.

This is the book that introduced the Sick Bay and the Damage Control modules, the Fungaloids and some of the toughest missions ever published.



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