Taxing the future

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I want to see a 100% tax on private education. Any time somebody says, “public education isn’t good enough for my kids”, I want them to pay into that system to make it better. And they should have to pay as much as they are paying to educate their kids.

I’m not opposed to private education but I see education as a public necessity. If you take the rich kids out of the public schools you are left with disadvantaged kids. Schools that worry less about security hire staff that is more focused on teaching. We live in a world made up of people who were kids. Managing the care of those kids is obviously the most important thing we can do to improve the quality of our collective world.

Where to spend the money? Hire more teachers. A better student teacher ratio is the single simplest and most powerful thing you can do to improve the educational experience. The clown mouthing off in the back of a room full of 40 students would be engaged in a small class of 10. Ideally, I’d like to see small cadres of 5-10 students with a teaching assistant for support and work after a brief lecture by a qualified teacher that oversees the larger group of 20-30.

The people who go to private schools can generate an effect around themselves that makes the world better for them but wouldn’t it be better if we gave everybody that effect so the whole world gets better?


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