A lot of stuff has happened. Some of the stuff that supposedly happened didn’t actually happen. What do you do when a foreign national spreads a lie that if true would justify outrage? Treat the lie as if it were the truth and respond to it with complete compassion. People who do terrible things should […]

We are all activists

Whether you like it or not, you are being judged about your worldview. People who want to quietly leave politics out of it are being judged for non-participation. I have always been too timid to share my feelings publicly. I’ve hidden behind the excuse that I didn’t want to alienate people who might be fans. […]

Covid 19 is officially no longer a threat

Our president has proven that Covid 19 is no longer a threat and we can all get back to our lives. Just to be safe, though, anybody who tests positive should get a free helicopter ride to Walter Reed hospital and stay the weekend there at taxpayer expense.


I don’t denounce anybody or anything. If I were to begin denouncing, I’d likely start with the concept of denounciation. I have strong personal beliefs and much of what I see in the world is in direct conflict with those beliefs. I see ideas that challenge my viewpoint as making them stronger or breaking them […]

The World Is Watching

We have our phones. Let’s use our voices, too. When you see something, don’t just film it in silence or film it and scream. Talk to everybody involved about how you are recording it and they have the opportunity to show themselves in their best light by acting properly. The correct response to the “all […]


I might not have valuable thoughts every day but getting in the practice of writing them down will help me to hone my craft.

I got hacked.

I’m putting my website back together and it is soul-crushing. Whoever hacked me didn’t do it to take anything, they just crammed my database until it puked. I lost nothing except a lame web-page but I still feel violated.