I don’t denounce anybody or anything. If I were to begin denouncing, I’d likely start with the concept of denounciation.

I have strong personal beliefs and much of what I see in the world is in direct conflict with those beliefs. I see ideas that challenge my viewpoint as making them stronger or breaking them down so I can get to a better viewpoint. Every idea, no matter how bad, helps us understand the world better even if only to explore for us a path that is destined to take us in what I might currently consider the wrong direction.

I don’t denounce people. Every person alive was an innocent baby at one point. Every person alive has ideas and ideals, wants and wishes, hopes and dreams. Every person alive has power within them to affect the world. People are motivated by love or fear. We can emulate the former and show compassion for the latter.

I will oppose people who espouse or enact ideas I find destructive to my ideal of the good.

I find it is more effective to oppose those things by actively listening to them, considering them and choosing then whether and how to incorporate them into my own worldview.

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