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Battlestations Second Edition Miniatures Only


This is the box of miniatures that came inside the Battlestations Second Edition box. We produced a few extra sets and supply is extremely limited. First come, first served. If we run out before we process your order, you will get a complete refund.



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World Conquerors


World conquerors is the game of global domination.

You get 4 quick turns to rule the world (or at least grab as much territory as you can).

Each turn, you’ll play a leader from history as your leader and gain benefits such as rerolls for Julius Caesar or free ocean crossing for Elizabeth. Play other leaders as generals or agents for special powers.

Roll dice. Play cards. Rule the world!

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99 Chances


Use cards and your imagination to make a fun story.

The cards each have a number and a concept on them. Use the concepts to create a story and use the numbers to predict how your fellow storytellers will gauge the chance of success for your story.


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Best Expansion Ever


A standalone game that is fully compatible with the original “Worst Game Ever”

This game doesn’t include a die or chips but if you can’t manage to find that stuff lying around, you probable don’t deserve the best expansion ever.

This game is not only just as good as the Worst Game Ever, it is better because we learned a lot about how to make the game fun!

Buy this for yourself. Buy another copy for your friend.

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Desert Island


Desert Island is the stand alone sequel to “Lifeboat”.

It takes the same characters and similar mechanics onto a desert island. It repurposes the original mechanics in a way that improves lifeboat by giving each space something special and each character’s actions meaningful to the fate effects at the end of the turn.

Each turn represents a week on the desert island. You are working together to get the signal fire lit in hopes of being rescued. Each turn, you’ll draw 2 fate cards and play one of them. The value on the fate card puts a fate token on a place and the name on it puts a fate token on a person. At the end of the round, the player with the most total fate markers on their place and person has something bad happen to them. The number on the card also powers the effectiveness of your action (how much food you find, or your vigor in a fight, etc.)

At the end of the turn, you check to see if the signal fire gets closer to attracting rescue or goes out. Something bad happens to the character with the most fate tokens. Everybody has to eat their size in food.

It is a little more euro than Lifeboat. I love it. I hope you will too!

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Worst Game Ever


The Worst Game Ever is a game making fun of everything there is to hate about games, gamers, and gaming.

It is a card game where the object is to have the most chips left when anybody else runs out of chips. Each turn you choose a target and a number and roll the die. If you roll higher, you take chips from them.

The fun of the game is in the cards that change the dice, the rules, the way you play, everything is up for grabs.


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Get Me a Fresh Brain


This is the reimagined “Good Help” from Baksha games in faster, simpler, sleeker form.  It is the prequel to the critically acclaimed “What’s He Building In There?”

All of the games in the series revolve around the theme of an evil doctor and this one is every bit as fun as it is evil. Sean Garrity is the designer.

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Palaces is the deckbuilding/bidding game where you bid on cards to add to your deck while you add to your towers.

Each round the active player selects a card for all to bid on. The winning bidder gets that card and builds a level of that suit onto one of their towers. The losing players get to draw cards from their decks. The prize cards have powers that affect bidding, building and play. When you win a bid all of the powers in the cards of your bid activate.

This game is elegant in design as well as execution.

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