A lot of stuff has happened. Some of the stuff that supposedly happened didn’t actually happen. What do you do when a foreign national spreads a lie that if true would justify outrage?

Treat the lie as if it were the truth and respond to it with complete compassion. People who do terrible things should be treated like people. If they are acting out of ignorance, they need information. If they are acting out of fear, they need reassurance. If they are acting out of desperation, they need support.

Let’s abandon the outrage. This is hard for me because I have been outraged by our president for years now. I’ve grown accustomed to it and take comfort in my righteous indignation. Most of the late night comedians I watch revel in pointing out how angry we should all be at the president and his actions. I voted today. There was no way to add an exclamation point to the ballot. It didn’t count any more or less than the ballot it landed on top of in the ballot box. It stated who I want to be president.

Please stop shouting, looting, chanting, and shooting.

The roughly half of the people in this country who disagree with me deserve my respect.

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