“Love Conquers All” is a cooperative tile placement game abstracting the challenges of being in relationship with others.

Each challenge card has a tile that must be placed on the map grid and a rule associated with it such as “I cannot place tiles touching the edge” or “All tiles must be played touching an edge”.

The cards are designed to represent the theme as much as possible. “Injury” and “sickness” prohibit placement against the edge of the grid as a nod to the fact that being hurt makes it hard to venture out. “Travel” requires that you place touching an edge and “Jealousy” makes you touch the previous play if it touched another play.

It is important to note that most relationships are not romantic in nature. The scenarios represent all kinds of work, familial, or friendship environments in addition to the kind of valentine love that I don’t want this game to be pigeon holed into.

It is also important to note that the challenges one brings to the table aren’t always inherently bad. “Money” is a challenge that can cause stress in a relationship whether there is a shortage or surplus of it. (editor’s note: if you find a surplus of money, I’m willing to assist in it’s removal.)