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Love Conquers All

This is a cooperative game that is still in development.

The object of the game is to get through the entire challenge deck without losing.

Each turn, a player plays one card from the challenge deck. These represent the difficulties one faces in any relationship from business partnership to familial love.

The players play challenge cards to put puzzle pieces on the board. 

The problems create the map, filling the board and becoming impediments to future play. The “Travel” challenge forces you to place near the edge of the board for example.

If you get to a situation where somebody has no legal play, you collectively lose. for example, they have the “Travel” challenge in play but there is no room along the edge of the board.

When you play a “Love” card, it cancels any challenges it touches (flip them to their inactive side). You’ve dealt with that but you still have to manage fitting the pieces into a board that is filling up.

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