Battlestations Dirtside


200 page advanced rulebook

9 full color double sided terrain boards to make any planet in the galaxy.

2 countersheets

2 tilesheets

40+ miniatures

Dice, glass beads

Sample character cards

Character sheet pad

Treasure cards, Vehicle cards, Drift Rose card


The game of heroic starship adventure has finally come down to earth and a few score other lucky planets.


Create and rank up a unique character

You don’t just quit after one mission. Characters rank up and gain skills and special abilities.

There are over a hundred special abilities such as brutal, cortex overloader, slipster, hot dog, jetpack jockey, jury rigger and more!

There are dozens of species including stony silicoids that resist damage or infinite handed beings. From whaloids to minutians, humans to time-hopping chronosians, there is plenty of room to stand out.

Open the box and play

Battlestations was originally designed as a “one versus many” game but Dirtside is designed to be played unmoderated so nobody has to be the game master.

Each mission plays in one session and is ready to go out of the box. There is minimal setup and zero prep work involved.

Incredible Depth

We’ve been building the rich history of this galaxy for twenty years. You can take it wherever you want to go!



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